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CannaAid crafts many CBD and other cannabinoid solutions for consumers. They want their customers to enjoy a variety of hemp products at very low prices. Keeping costs down yet supplying top shelf quality is the company’s mission. High quality merchandise without huge price tags distinguishes them from other cannabis companies. And they hope that brings customers to sample their wares and come back again.

Begun in 2019, CannaAid makes many items for such a young company. Inventory includes things like hemp creams, tinctures, pet products and more. Also, they offer vape concentrates and leaf pre-rolls. They don’t want to produce just one kind of product. Neither do they want to rely solely on CBD when there are other beneficial cannabinoids. The company wants to be able to offer cannabis consumers personal options.

Each cannabinoid has its own benefits. So making different products featuring them makes sense. Varied cannabinoid offerings help their clients choose specific solutions for their needs. CannaAid sells hemp creations with CBD, THC, CBN and CBG. Their THC is a lighter delta-8 version from hemp, with similar effects to THC from marijuana. Users can then dose various cannabinoids in different ways with their diverse products.

To serve customers better, CannaAid welcomes feedback and suggestions from cannabis consumers. They recognize that criticism benefits both the company and the customer. To be among the best in the business, they have to learn from cannabinoid users and adapt. That is what they aim to do.

Dr. Ganja is currently stocking a fair number of CannaAid vape cartridges.

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