Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Strain Review


You may or may not know about one of the most talked-about high CBD strains on the planet — Sour Space Candy (SSC). It may sound “other-worldly” but we assure you, it comes from planet earth. Whether you’re familiar with this strain or not, see what this article has to offer.

This Sour Space Candy strain review will cover the important characteristics, details, and effects of this strain that make it so special.


Sour Space Candy is a cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry (ERB). When you look back at the lineage of Sour Tsunami you’ll discover it was bred to produce high levels of CBD. It started out as a trial and error project and then became a four-year mission to make the strain come to life. The breeder used Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel to see his vision become a reality. 

As for ERB, its history isn’t quite as interesting. But, this plant is one of the most common industrial hemp plants around. For that reason, it’s often part of the genetics of many popular hemp flower CBD hemp flower strains.


Most of the buds on the Sour Space Candy CBD strain are small to medium in size. They have a combination of wintergreen and dark green hues along with brownish, orange hairs that weave throughout the dense nugs. Also, there’s a good amount of frosty crystals, which is one of the reasons it has a strong potency. 

CBD and THC Concentration

On average, the CBD concentration in SSC buds ranges from 13% to 16%. As every batch that’s grown is a little unique, there will always be slight variations in the actual percentage. 

As for THC levels, they remain very low because of the genetics. You might see 0.1% to 0.2% Delta-9 THC, but it won’t go above 0.3%. This must be true of all hemp flower strains to stay compliant with U.S. federal regulations. 

To verify the CBD and THC percentages for yourself, look for the “Cannabinoid Profile.” This is a third-party lab test that shows the exact percentages of CBD and THC, and all the other cannabinoids for that matter. 


The Sour Space Candy CBD strain earned its name for having a sweet, yet tangy aromatic scent. And when you take a deep inhale of this pungent, slightly diesel-like smell, it transports you to another world. While the aroma of this plant aligns perfectly with its name, the taste is a bit different. 


The flavor profile will vary depending on how you consume the hemp flower. For instance, smoking Sour Space Candy will have a more subtle and earthy flavor compared to its sweet, and sour smell. But, when you use your dry herb vaporizer and take a hit, you’ll experience more of the citrusy, and diesel-like flavors.  


Based on the reviews we hear and read in the comments section, customers describe the effects of Sour Space Candy as follows. Upon smoking this hemp flower, there’s an initial head rush that leads to uplifting and energizing vibrations. After 10 to 15 minutes, the effects transform into a more relaxing and physical experience. For instance, people say it calms their nerves, melts away worries, minimizes racing thoughts and mental chatter, and puts the body at ease.   

In essence, everything feels really good. The mind and body become one peaceful, harmonious unit that returns to balance. You know that feeling you get when everything feels right in the world, and you’re at peace? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. 

Price Range per gram

If you’ve never tried CBD hemp flower or Sour Space Candy, you have the option to buy one gram. From there, you can give it a shot and see how you like it. If it’s something you love and want more of, then select one of the larger quantities of 3.5, 7, 14, or 28 grams. The more you buy at once, the bigger the savings are. Something to consider if you plan or want to smoke often.

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Thanks for reading! 

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