Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Review


Continuing our tradition of reviewing the hemp we get in here at Dr. Ganja, today we have a special newcomer: Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower!

I’ve smoked and vaped Sour Space Candy for about a week now to get its true personality. It is to date, the most potent CBD flower I’ve tried. Maybe it’s the perfect ratio of terpenes to CBD, maybe it just rubs my particular endocannabinoid system in the right way. Regardless, she’s a keeper (and she, really is a she too, did you know we consume almost exclusively female plants?)


My order came in a small cardboard box from an inconspicuous address. It might seem minor, but to me it’s important because I like my privacy. Upon shaking the box à la early Christmas morning, there’s not much sound and it’s impossible to discern what’s inside. A quick sniff or two and all I get is the newspaper-like smell of cardboard.

Opening the box shows packing peanuts and a mylar bag, sealed, and then sealed again, in a translucent plastic bag. There’s also a piece of paper folded at the side.


That folded piece of paper was the testing. Sour Space Candy comes in at 16.28% CBDA and 1.43% CBD.

Sour Space Candy Quality

The nugs that were shipped were decent size with one of them being pretty massive. This mutant broccoli is covered with large orange-ish/brown hair (the pistils) and gives a nice bounce back when I squeeze it; dense and not dry.


Sour Space Candy’s name must come from a lot of its smell, and a little bit of its taste. Opening up the bag and taking a whiff made my eyes bulge: a punch in the nose of diesel with something else… a definite sour smell. Pine sole-y.

As I’m grinding it up, the smell comes out even more. It’s nice and reminds me of lemongrass on steroids.


Combusting Sour Space Candy yields a nice clean flavor. The smoke is undeniably smooth, but the sourness doesn’t come through too strong when you put a flame to it. Vaping Sour Space Candy gives me more of that sourness. The taste coats your mouth, it’s thick.

CBD Effects

After a week long trial of “taking” Sour Space Candy, it seems like vaping /smoking it in the morning or early afternoon gives me a very strong headrush for about 10 minutes and then suddenly eases up and mellows out. Mellows way out. I’ve never experienced a head rush like the one I do with this flower.

Taking it in the night still gave me that blood-rushing-to-your head feeling, but it was very slight and actually, very soothing, I felt calm.

Coming home, smoking Sour Space Candy, and then listening to music became a ritual this week for me. My ears seemed to be more sensitive to music. It was the ultimate stress-reliever.


Sour Space Candy is strong-smelling and potent. If you react to this flower the same way I do, then this is your kryptonite. If you like your herb to notify everyone within a city block when you light up, this is also your kryptonite. It hits me (and probably you) in all the right spots, my favorite strain to date. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Posted by Chris on March 12, 2020

    I wanted people to the taste is very strong when made into edibles and I prefer to smoke ssc

  2. Posted by James on April 9, 2019

    Is the smell extremely strong even if dry vaping?

    • I wouldn’t say extremely strong, but strong yeah. One of this strain’s grandparents is Sour Diesel if you know what that is like :). Vape odors tend to dissipate pretty quick as long as you have some decent ventilation though

      • Ok thank you. I’m definitely going to try this.

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