Comparative Guide to CBD Flower Strains


Have you wondered why so many people talk about CBD? You’re not alone. The Dr.Ganja team talks about it all the time too! We love how versatile CBD is. You can find it in everything from gummies, tea, and vape pens, to infused lotions and bath bombs.

Its versatility is one of the reasons it appeals to so many people. Also, CBD is highly appreciated for its therapeutic properties. Yet, one area that’s a bit undiscovered is CBD flower and the various strains it produces.

In this comparative guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best CBD hemp strains around. We’ll explain what CBD flower is, how people use it, and the different characteristics and effects strains have.

We hope to give you a better understanding of CBD flower types, so you’ll have the confidence to pick out your ideal strain(s).

Let’s get to it, shall we?

What is CBD Flower?

CBD buds are flowers of the female hemp plant. They’re grown to contain high levels of cannabidiol, and low levels of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid primarily found in marijuana strains. Although hemp and marijuana may appear similar, they’re in fact very different flowers.

What is CBD Flower Used For?

CBD flower has gained tremendous interest from people around the world. It’s also starting to become a substitute for smoking weed and tobacco cigarettes. That’s because it contains less than 0.3% THC and is non-habit forming, unlike tobacco.

Some common ways to use CBD flower include, vaping, smoking, and making your own CBD oil. The CBD oil can then be added to bake edibles or used in a topical salve or lotion recipe.

CBD Strain Types and Their Characteristics

In the list below, you’ll find important details about the different types of CBD flower and their characteristics.

1. Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

The first impression of Hawaiian Haze CBD flower will have you in awe. This strain has green and orange hairs sprinkled with crystal-like trichomes, for quality to you can actually see. The smell offers a strong mix of florals and fruits along with hints of citrus.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Effects

It offers a relaxing and daydreamy effect. You’ll also find yourself feeling happy, mentally uplifted, and energetic.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $20 to $79

2. Divine Goddess CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

As the name implies, this strain has a divine appearance. It truly is one of a kind. Divine Goddess is dark green and covered with light and dark forest like tones. The scent is of sandalwood and pine. Finally, it has a smokey herbal taste with hints of cedar and sweetgrass.

Divine Goddess CBD Effects

If taken before bed, this CBD flower gives a euphoric feeling helping to ease oneself into a peaceful night’s sleep. If smoked in the morning the initial headrush will be replaced with a burst of energy.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $25 – $85

3. Remedy CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

With its small to medium size flowers, Remedy CBD flower is easily recognizable with its spring green color and hints of yellow pistils. Dense nuggets are surrounded by translucent trichomes and smell like woodsy outdoors.

Remedy CBD Effects

Well known for its therapeutic effects, this strain has been said to offer feelings of sleepiness, relaxation, and stress relief. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $25 – $109

4. Sour Space Candy CBD

Appearance & Smell

With beautifully dense nuggets, Sour Space Candy CBD flower lives up to its name of being out of this world. Its orange hairs stand out and they smell like zesty lemons with a hint of earthy undertones.

Sour Space Candy CBD Effects

Sour Space Candy offers uplifting and energetic feelings of happiness. What follows is a warm sense of relaxation and calm. It’s a great strain for assisting in a variety of health conditions.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $20 – $79

5. Suver Haze CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

This CBD flower’s lime green leaves and orange hairs are intertwined within the bud, making it pleasing to the eyes. The flower has a very strong intoxicating aroma, mixed with grass and fruit that will catch you by surprise.

Suver Haze CBD Effects

Because of its high CBD content, this strain is known for its relaxing effects. Pain and anxiety can simply drift away as if they were never there. This flower is also used for a sleep aid.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $20 – $79

6. Bubba Kush CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

Earthy, with a hint of pine, the smell of Bubba Kush CBD flower is undeniable. When you hold some of the buds in your hands, you’ll be amazed by their bulkiness. Beautiful dark greens and hints of purple mesmerize you as you get a closer look at this masterpiece.

Bubba Kush CBD Effects

Delivering calming energy, this CBD strain immediately greets you with serenity. The mind and body become one, as you relax and allow the mind to become quiet.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $25 – $95

7. Special Sauce CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

This is a very unique CBD strain, which is the reason why it received the name ‘Special Sauce’. Berry and vanilla undertones keep you coming back for more. It’s small to medium nugs boast the colors of green, orange, and brown, and the occasional purple.

Special Sauce CBD Effects

When you consume Special Sauce CBD flower, you may experience an overall lightness in your body. That’s because this strain can help relieve pain and promote restful, deep sleep. Intense feelings of happiness and joy tend to accompany your relaxed state of being.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $25 – $95

8. Elektra CBD Flower

Appearance & Smell

Elektra CBD flower smells like pine and fruit. It’s one of the most aromatic strains on the market with a gorgeous presentation to match. With a sticky to the touch feel, the bright green, and densely rich nuggets are visually appealing.

Elektra CBD Effects

This strain is potent, so it can help reduce everyday body aches and pains while promoting a calming effect on the mind and body. Elektra is the ‘go-to’ flower when you want to relax.

Price Range

3.5 to 28 grams: $20 – $79

In Summary

There are several types of CBD flower and they all vary in their smell, appearance, and therapeutic effects. You can smoke or vape CBD flower, or use it to make oil and topicals.

CBD flower is one more way to experience the beneficial properties of cannabidiol while adding delicious, fast-acting effects into the mix. It’s also available at Dr.Ganja. Check out the options we have, read the reviews from happy customers, and try some for yourself. Enter coupon code “yoga” during checkout to save some dough!

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