Some regard cannabidiol, CBD as everyone knows it, as a panacea. While CBD is a fantastic remedy for various forms of anxiety and pain, it’s touted uses can be overblown at times. I overheard a conversation on the subway recently where someone was suggesting to the person they had on the phone to screw their chemotherapy and just take CBD. Yeah, no.

However, you may have recently stumbled upon something like Infinite CBD Big Bang Lubricant here on the Dr.Ganja site which leads to the question:

Is CBD good for sex?

Yes, it is. It is conducive to a much better sexual experience. But, let’s get the “negative” out of the way, if you can even call it that.

Is CBD an aphrodisiac?

CBD is not an aphrodisiac; not in the same way that THC is, which can accentuate and heighten physical sensations and stimuli to literally cause sex to feel better. Just like most things though, there is a definite range that you must hit for it to be effective, else you do too much and become a slobbering food vacuum for a few hours, or on the other end of the spectrum, feel nothing.

And now on to the positive:

Can CBD make sex better?

Yes it can.
Much like its use for the common symptoms like anxiety, CBD can help with stress or pain one might incur from getting down and dirty, or even from the thought of doing such. There are millions, even within the U.S., that suffer from performance anxiety. So in this sense CBD can definitely help, although it’s worthy to note that the CBD should be taken a bit before you’re ready to get frisky.

CBD can also help with any inflammation or pain you may suffer from a sultry night out. Hence the aforementioned Big Bang Lubricant, which was made not only to help balance a woman’s pH in their… erogenous zones, but also to combat any swelling and/or redness that may occur on either parties. For partners on the “receiving” end, CBD can additionally help with any pain that might occur with any sort of penetration.

CBD, to me, has always been about regulation. Anxiety throwing your body or mind out of whack? CBD will help normalize you. Pain and inflammation pestering you late at night? CBD’s got your back, quite literally, in getting you back to baseline. The same goes in the bedroom.

So if you’re seeking something that will give you a little extra “boost”, by causing an altered state of mind or truly making things feel better, THC or marijuana should be your go-to. If you want the best of both worlds, making you an inflammation and anxiety-killing horndog or hornmuffin that considers anything that moves, try a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio product.

It’s also worthy to note that that some of the flower we carry on the site can cause very slight psychoactive effects if consumed in high enough quantities, and this can cause a bit of the boost that you were seeking. If I were to personally recommend anything on the site to get you going, it could be our hemp flower as it’s intrinsically full-spectrum and contains just a fraction of THC with a healthy dose of CBD. And of course, our CBD lubricant.

With all that being said, if you’re effected by “performance” anxiety with that special someone, or even that fine specimen you found at the bar, CBD is perfect. And if, after, your skin is feeling a little roughed up, then CBD is again perfect. Controlling inflammation allows you to keep coming back for more, again and again.

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