CBDawg CBD Flower Review


The nice thing about hemp flower is that you can choose how to smoke it. You can roll a joint or put some CBD flower in a pipe. I just bonged some premium cannabis myself.

Life can leave you with aches and pains aplenty. And everyday stresses can lead to anxiety or depression. Smoking some leaf can help! I got to experience some Dr. Ganja CBDawg top shelf hemp flower. It was a nice, smooth smoke with some decent CBD effects.

People smoke bud for a variety of reasons. I smoke cannabis because it helps lessen my arthritis pain. My wife smokes it because it helps her cope with her multiple sclerosis. From panic disorders to fighting addiction, smoking herb helps treat many conditions.

There are several different CBD strains. Certainly, there are plenty of companies that want to sell you hemp. I decided to try smoking some Dr. Ganja leaf.

I was really impressed with it! I’ll tell you a little about Dr. Ganja the company. And I’ll explain why I thought Dr. Ganja’s CBDawg strain was some of the best CBD flower on the market.

Who is Dr.Ganja?

Dr.Ganja began in 2009, founded by two brothers. They got their start trying to help people get their medical marijuana card. This was in California. Thus, they teamed with a medical doctor to get patients approved to use dispensaries. The brothers partnered with physician Vlad Nusinovich to speed up the licensing process. Plus, they wanted the experience to be professional and worry-free.

Following that success, they decided to start their own online hemp business. They brainstormed some names. Surprisingly, Dr. Ganja was available. After that they built their website. Then they searched to world for the best CBD products for their online store. They continue that quest even today.

Dr.Ganja now carries a wide range of CBD, terpene and hemp products. Their inventory is vast array of merchandise from many different brands. They have CBD lotions and hemp oils. They stock vape pen supplies. Dr. Ganja offers CBD solutions for pets. And of course, they sell their own hemp flower and pre-rolls.

Dr.Ganja showcases select strains like T1, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Haze and Pineberry. That’s just to name a few in their strain collection. And of course, one of their top shelf products is CBDawg.

CBDawg CBD Flower: product specifications

  • Genetics: crossbred from Chemdawg and a donor hemp plant
  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • CBDA 15.20%
    • CBGA .56%
    • CBD .17%
    • CBG .04%
    • CBC .01%
    • D9-THC none detected
    • THCA .55%
    • Total Measured Cannabinoids 16.53%
  • Top 3 Terpenes
    • β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Humulene
  • Terpene Profile:
    • alpha-Bisabolol .053%
    • beta-Caryophyllene .34%
    • Guaiol .031%
    • alpha-Humulene .085%
    • Limonene .074%
    • Linalool .022%
    • beta-Myrcene .73%
    • cis-beta-Ocimene .0185%
    • alpha-Pinene .075%
    • beta-Pinene .036%
    • alpha-Terpineol .0169%
    • Total Measured Terpenes 1.48%
  • Lab tested to ensure there are no pesticides, no microbials, no mycotoxins and no heavy metals
  • Available in 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams and 1 ounce amounts

Appearance, labeling and first impressions

CBDawg hemp flower comes in a resealable Dr. Ganja pouch. The pouch consists of flexible but solid plastic. You have to tear the bag open at first. There’s a foil strip on top that rips off easily. After that, you can reseal it. The top has a press-and-seal closure like a Ziploc bag. It’s much like the zip-close bags used by marijuana dispensaries.

You can see the hemp nuggets inside through the clear front. The inside backing is silvery. You see the Dr. Ganja logo emblazoned across the front on a white rectangle. There’s also the words ‘CBD flower’ just below. Underneath that it proclaims, ‘nurtured and grown in the USA’. Lastly, there’s a statement that the product ‘contains 0.3% ∆9-THC or less’.

The backside of the resealable pouch is shiny black. There are two white rectangles on the back. One is smaller and near the top. That one answers the question ‘what is in your bud?’ The answer given is CBDawg flower. They display the batch testing number of the strain.

In the small box, there is a breakdown of CBD, cannabinoid and terpene percentages. Important information about the cannabinoids includes that there is no Delta-9 THC detected. The date of the testing of the hemp cannabis batch is also on the small rectangle. It further notes that there were no pesticides detected.

Lastly, there are three more pieces of information in the smaller box. The package indicates the weight of the hemp bud – in my case that was 7 grams. There is a link to the Dr. Ganja web site for full lab test results. By the way, there’s also a paper cannabinoid print-out that comes with your order. There is a q-code and bar-code on the back. Those take you to the batch testing info on Dr. Ganja.

The larger bottom rectangle repeats ‘‘what is in your bud?’ This contains a lot of useful data. There is a repeat about no pesticides. There are suggestions for using the CBD hemp flower. These methods include vaping, smoking or making hemp oil extract. Another restatement is ‘contains 0.3 % Delta 9-THC’. There is also some legal information. Plus, there is a warning about possible drowsiness. Dr. Ganja warns users to keep this product away from children. Pretty basic stuff.

At the very bottom is the Dr. Ganja web address. There is also the Dr. Ganja toll-free phone number for questions and comments. And there’s another q-code link to the testing info.

After reading the packaging info, it was time to try out the CBDawg leaf.

Smell and taste

The spongy, green nugs have a lemony smell. I snapped one in half and it gives a puff of citrusy air. When I put it up to my nose, I could also smell earth. It smells like being outside in a lemon orchard. The outdoorsy, fruity smell increased when I ground the nugs.

I placed the shredded cannabis flower into my pipe bowl. I sparked the lighter and lit it up. And when I took a pull, I breathed in the smoke. The taste was woody. Again, earthiness was an undertone. There was also a hint of lemon. The combined flavor was great, a very nice tasting smoke.

I smoked enough to create a bit of a fog. The lingering smoke was woodsy. It was like being out in a forest on an autumn afternoon. There wasn’t as much of a citrusy smell as the unburned leaf had.

I gotta say I loved the taste and smell of the CBDawg hemp strain.

Now what about the effects?

Testing process and experience

Like a lot of people, I like to smoke CBD flower. Smoking CBD provides relief fast. CBD pills and edibles take time to digest – from half an hour to over an hour. When you use a tincture it gets almost immediately absorbed under the tongue. Smoking flower is a middle ground. It takes less than fifteen minutes for the full effects of smoking hemp to kick in.

I recently had my back go out and have been in a great deal of pain. CBDawg is top shelf hemp flower. I found that smoking some significantly reduced my backache. There have also been a lot of stresses in life lately, and I found this CBD flower to be very relaxing. Within minutes, I had a peaceful, easy feeling.

CBDawg strain is indica-dominant. Indica cannabis tends to sedate. While relaxed, I did not feel dopey. I felt mentally alert. I smoked some of this bud before bed to help me relax. I have also puffed a pipe of this hemp flower strain during the day. So, CBDawg is a good to use daytime or nighttime.

It also has energizing sativa cannabis properties. Some people find that sativa gives them a little boost. That makes it an ideal hemp strain to enjoy with coffee in the morning. I tried it before bed as well and found that it aided my sleep. The stimulating effect of the sativa aspect is subtle. It shouldn’t make you jittery or keep you awake.

If you have pain or stress issues, I think this hemp strain could help you out.

Final Verdict

I was very impressed with Dr. Ganja’s premium hemp flower. I’d love to try some of their other CBD and CBG strains. Their packaging is efficient and informative. Having a resealable package keeps the cannabis fresh. And they are upfront about the contents. Dr. Ganja even provides q-codes and web links to their testing results. They encourage you to check them out. That way you can be assured that you’re smoking some quality hemp.

Whether you roll some in a CBD joint or pack some CBDawg into a pipe, you’ll find it a tasty, smooth smoke. The lemony taste with a hint of woodsy earthiness was a delight.

The effects come on quick and seem to last a couple of hours. Though relaxing, it doesn’t dope you up. In fact, there’s a bit of an energy boost. Just not so much that it would make you nervous. Nor will it keep you awake. I found it was a good late evening smoke before bed. Yet it also works for an early morning smoke. It’s versatile enough to use throughout the day.

I definitely intend to buy some more. When it comes to top shelf hemp flower, CBDawg is definitely a winner!

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