Bubba Kush Smalls Review – From Package to Puff

Dr.Ganja Bubba Kush CBD Flower Smalls

With the now public acceptance and widespread use of cannabidiol (CBD) in its various forms, there aren’t many mediums CBD has not made its way into for consumption. I’m personally all for it though, as it’s cool to see things like a CBD beer at my local brewery and CBD skin treatments in stores. And while many are now accustomed to these hotly advertised CBD everythings, from oils and lotions to sleeping aids, we’ve received a lot of questions about our “smalls” option on CBD flower. Questions like: Are smalls from the same plant as the non-smalls option? Are smalls lesser grade hemp? Why are they so cheap?

Here, I plan to walk you through step-by-step, from package to puff, what smalls are, how you use them, why you should use them, all the while reviewing one of my favorite smalls strain on the site, Bubba Kush Smalls, because who doesn’t need a reason to take a load off during a pandemic?

What are CBD smalls?

As the name might suggest, CBD flower smalls are simply smaller nugs that have become separated from the plant during the trimming or curing process. Some may have heard word that smalls are low-grade weed and they assume hemp flower will be the same. Some others may have heard that size=potency and then assume smalls may not pack the same heat as regular-sized hemp flower. While it is true that traditionally smalls came from the insides or bottom of the plant (leading to reduced terpene and cannabinoid content from to lack of light) most of the smalls are not from such places, but rather from breaking off bigger buds and top colas. At least, the smalls carried at Dr.Ganja are not and in fact, we have the testing to back that statement up.

Take for example, our original Bubba Kush flower, which comes in at around 17.8% CBDA, and then take a gander at our smalls option, which is well-endowed with its 20.5% CBDA! Not only are the smalls option NOT sacrificing potency for their smaller size, but they’re a heck of a lot cheaper, too. Smalls options come in 1 oz. packages at less than ½ the price of a similarly weighted “normal” hemp flower option. This reduced price makes them ideal for those looking to stock up on their favorite strains and to also even take a stab at making their own edibles and extracts (which I personally did with my smalls to really good effects).

Bubba Kush Smalls – Package and Appearance

As a nice refresher, and for those who may be hesitant to order or just see what the process is like, the Bubba Kush Smalls package arrived in a inconspicuous, double-bagged and thus double-sealed, box. Innocuous and smell-free. Each package comes with a handy QR code which you can scan with your phone and see the test results of the batch you’re holding in your hand. As a side note, if you are buying hemp flower online and they don’t test their flower or mention any testing, don’t buy from them. At this point it should be an industry standard, not only for quality purposes but your safety as well.

Opening the package and getting to the matter within, Bubba Kush smalls, as the pictures depict, are bite-sized nuggets that retain all the stickiness of the big boys. The source of that stickiness, the little hairs that cover the leaves and stem called trichomes, are the powerhouses that give hemp their cannabinoids and terpenes (there’s a reason why top-grade was called the sticky icky). Conveniently, their small stature makes them easy to break apart in a grinder and once ground up, the aroma of diesel, pine, and lemon fills the nostrils.

Bubba Kush Smalls – Effects and Experience

Many may claim to taste a diverse repertoire of flavors from hemp and marijuana, and while there are distinct flavors specific to a certain few strains, most strains that may seem they’re named for their flavor are typically named for their smell. Bubba here, makes no such claims and the taste is similar to other hemp, there are woody notes and an undertone of sweetgrass and maybe some pine. Nothing too extraordinary in the taste department, but that’s fine because it more than makes up for it when it comes to effects.

Kush strains, like our friendly Bubba, are descended way back when from the Hindu Kush mountain range and as indica-dominant plants, have provided the characteristic “stoned” feeling many users seek out. As a person who consumes all variety of plants and is no stranger to high tolerance, I was honestly surprised at the potency of these smalls considering their cannabinoid make-up. If someone had given me Bubba unawares, I honestly would not have guessed that this was CBD flower.

Consuming her in a joint, the characteristic heaviness behind the eyes and fuzzy headspace were present, as well as a slight tinge of euphoria and the sensation that whatever I choose to eat at that moment would be really, really good. One additional thing I enjoy about CBD flower is that unlike its high-THC counterpart, when the feelings begin to dissipate, there is a slight lethargy but nothing comparable to the haziness and out-of-touch feeling that comes with coming down off weed. The fact that you can order this kind of hemp online and have it shipped straight to your door is a sign of changing times. Huzzah, at least there’s one good thing about 2020.

Bubba Kush Smalls – Final Verdict

It may have been the case, as I was taught so many years ago, that smalls used to be lower-grade flower, but thankfully we have the technology now to throw such claims to bed. With cannabinoid testing, we can see how strong these little sticks of dynamite are, and at a fraction of the price. They used to get a bad rap from the ol’ weed days, but as discussed here these smalls aren’t you grandpa’s smalls that come from the underside and belly of the plant, these smalls are those that have broken free from their their larger-budded and top cola sisters, and they’re just as strong (if not at times stronger) and much cheaper. The cheaper price is simply a result of appearance, they may not look as robust and pretty, but they certainly get the job done.

Shameless plug incoming: while smalls are somewhat new here to Dr.G we already have quite the variety of smalls, from the new indica-dominant Spectrum Smalls to the classic strains everyone has come to love like Elektra Smalls. If you’re looking to save a pretty penny and still want to enjoy all the CBD goodness, we highly recommend our smalls option.

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