6 CBD Products You Can Use on a Daily Basis


Cannabidiol, familiar to many as CBD, has become very popular in recent years. There are hemp and CBD oils advertised and sold seemingly everywhere. Consumers now find CBD sold in health food stores, pharmacies and, of course, online. So, why has CBD become so sought after?

Neither the FDA nor the AMA endorse CBD, but many users swear by its healthful qualities. CBD may have few negative side effects yet offers effective pain relief. Some folks take it as a worry-free depression treatment. Other things that CBD might help with include seizures, anxiety and PTSD. These things are among the reasons for CBD’s growing demand.

Someone who has tried CBD and found it to be helpful might be wondering how they could use CBD daily. It can be confusing because there are so many different options for dosing with CBD. Many consumers are likely aware of CBD vaporizer oil or CBD tincture. Yet, there is also CBD chewing gum, CBD bath salts, CBD soap, CBD cream, CBD wax and even CBD toothpicks!

Here’s a look at some ways to take CBD every day.

6 Unusual Ways to Take CBD Daily

CBD works well by smoking, swallowing or spreading it on skin. CBD oil, capsules and vaporizers are among the most widely used methods of taking CBD.

The method of consuming CBD is often dictated by the reason for using it. Creams and ointments work well for localized muscle pain. Edible CBD, once digested, can spread throughout the body for overall effect. Vaping CBD wax works much the same way.

There are countless varieties of CBD products. They all have their pluses and minuses. Looking at a few different CBD-enhanced items, should show how CBD users take it every day. There are some convenient ways to dose CBD daily that are outside of the mainstream.

1) CBD Bath Bomb and Salts

Some people find relaxing in a warm tub of water a soothing way to ease the aches and pains away. After a long day, a CBD bath bomb can help users to unwind and feel better. Most bath bombs contain essential oils for aromatherapy as well as skin nourishers. CBD bath bombs also contain cannabidiol to remedy muscle stiffness and any inflammation. CBD bath bombs are easy to use, by dropping them into the water after filling the tub. With fizzing action, they dissolve CBD quickly into the water. Then all someone has to do is climb in and chill.

CBD bath salts can also reduce muscle soreness and remove dead skin. The only difference in using them is that the user adds CBD bath salts while the water is still running. This helps the CBD bath salts to dissolve better. After that, the bather climbs into the tub and relaxes.

Both CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts are safe and easy to use. For CBD relief, all that someone requires is a tub of water and time to soak.

2) CBD Soap

Like regular soaps, CBD soap contains ingredients to cleanse and even soften the skin. These soaps also contain CBD to soothe skin irritation and soak in for muscle pain relief. Other claims about CBD soap include antioxidant, de-aging and hydrating properties. CBD soap, like CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts, may be best used for general body comfort and relaxation.

Using CBD soap is easy; add a little water, lather, and rub the wet soap on the skin. What could be simpler?

3) CBD Creams

CBD creams are typical CBD skincare products. Because skin absorbs well, it makes a good place to apply CBD. People use creams to moisturize or soothe their skin. Adding CBD to a skin cream can add pain and irritation relief. CBD topical creams might also benefit acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.

For specific areas of hurt, apply CBD cream to any body part, on the source of pain. And CBD cream works faster than some other methods. Taking a CBD capsule means waiting for digestion. Yet using CBD skin cream produces effects within minutes. Users can apply CBD cream as needed. That makes CBD creams easy to take every day and use throughout the day.

4) CBD Toothpicks

This one may seem a bit odd, but CBD toothpicks are an example of oral CBD use. If someone chews on a CBD toothpick, that releases cannabidiol into the gums and mouth. This allows for immediate absorption into the bloodstream through mouth tissues. Via the bloodstream, CBD effects get distributed throughout the body.

So, CBD toothpicks could treat anything from a headache to a stomachache, or even foot pain.

CBD toothpicks are small enough to carry in purse or pocketbook for use on the go. Because of their convenience, they are useful anywhere and anytime. That makes CBD toothpicks ideal for daily use.

5) CBD Chewing Gum

CBD chewing gum works much like CBD toothpicks. Chewing releases CBD, which goes through mouth tissues right into the bloodstream. Once in the blood, CBD disperses throughout the body. So, wherever there is pain or inflammation, the CBD from the gum will reach it.

CBD chewing gum is portable and discreet. No one thinks anything of somebody chewing on a stick of gum. Many people chew gum. Chewing CBD gum daily might be a good way to get a dose.

6) CBD Wax

CBD wax can be shatter, budder, crumble or resin. Each of them is a concentrated form of CBD. The most common way to use CBD wax is vaporizing or dabbing it. Inhaling CBD produces fast effects, usually within minutes. Quick results and strong effects are what make CBD wax a popular alternative.

Dab rigs or vaporizers range from big glass sets to smaller pens, so there are a variety of options for using CBD wax. It is possible to use CBD wax daily, but the vapor clouds users exhale are rather obvious. CBD wax and vaping may not be ideal if discretion is important.


The above methods are only a few ways to get yourself a daily dose of CBD. CBD chewing gum, CBD bath salts, CBD soap, CBD cream, CBD wax and even CBD toothpicks aren’t the only options. There’s also CBD oil, CBD capsules, preloaded CBD vapes, CBD tincture and more. However it’s done, dosing with CBD daily may provide relief from pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. There are many other concerning conditions that cannabidiol might treat.

It is advisable to get a doctor’s input before taking any regular medication. That said, countless users count on their daily dose of CBD as part of their regular routine. Anyone can take it daily, because the negative side effects seem to be minimal, if any. The way someone takes it is up to them and may depend on what they are taking it for. Sometimes trial and error show which method works best for particular issues. Those reading this blog now have at least a few options to consider.

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