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CBD Reviews

Bast CBD Flower Review

In effort to spread the good word about some stellar CBD hemp flower we have at Dr.Ganja, we’re doing a little review on one of our recent favorites, Bast; as well as a small walkthrough on what it’s like ordering and receiving a CBD product like this, for those wary first-time buyers. Bast, a relatively new CBD strain, is named…

​The Best CBD Products For Anxiety: Find The Option Right For You

If you type in “best CBD for anxiety” in your search bar you’ll get countless CBD websites with rehashed information, describing what anxiety is, the different types, common medications, symptoms, etc. Finally, after reading for 10 minutes you get to more of what you’re looking for…

Hemp Oil vs Cbd Oil – What’s The Difference?

The phrase “well-oiled” machine means a machine that is ‘useful, efficient, [and] effective.’1 What do you do every 3,000-6,000 miles you drive your car? Change the oil. In fact, any machine that’s expected to put in the long hours frequently gets some love in the form of this lubricant.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD : All You Need to Know

While browsing CBD products, you may have come across the terms “CBD Isolate” or “Full Spectrum.” With the amazing array of choices regarding CBD products that we have on Dr.Ganja, knowing exactly what you’re buying is crucial.