Bast CBD Flower Review


In effort to spread the good word about some stellar CBD hemp flower we have at Dr.Ganja, we’re doing a little review on one of our recent favorites, Bast; as well as a small walkthrough on what it’s like ordering and receiving a CBD product like this, for those wary first-time buyers.

Bast, a relatively new CBD strain, is named after the Egyptian Goddess of Protection who is often depicted as a cat or with a cat head. This name seems especially fitting, as Bast’s protective nature over body and mind shine through even on the first hit.

Bast Walkthrough & Tips:

Receiving Bast CBD Flower

After browsing the Dr.G site and selecting Bast, I used the coupon code Relax at checkout to get a small discount on my entire order (seriously do this, it works).

I received my package in a taped cardboard box from an innocuous address (your package will not have their name on it for your privacy). No smells detected on first inspection. Upon opening the box, there was still no detectable smell, and double bagged inside was my hemp flower, snugly submerged in some packing peanuts.

Smell out of the box

Slicing through two layers of plastic led me to the buried treasure: Bast flower! Upon being set free, Bast emitted an alluring aroma… like clementine and pinecone. The smell was sweet and a little earthy. Breaking apart the bud threw a mist of pixie dust into the air, with the sweet fruit aroma and cedar notes filling the room.


Upon looking her over, Bast is likely more indica than sativa due to the shorter, stocky leaves and dark greens, browns, and purple highlights that cover the nugs. These colors contrast with the bright greens and long, wispy leaves of most sativas creating beautiful looking buds. She is trichrome-covered with amber hairs, and is colorful, frosty, and dense!


Bast has a very interesting taste… surprisingly different from its sweet aroma.

Upon vaporization, an incense-like, cinnamon flavor coated the tongue and dissipated slowly into an earthy, woody finish.

Upon introducing flame to Bast, the earthy notes were present, but the pleasant cinnamon-like flavor was almost so subtle as to not be noticed. Definitely recommend vaporizing Bast if you have the option.

Head and body effects

Bast is what is known as a “creeper”, or a strain that slowly gets stronger and stronger as time goes on, even though you’ve already stopped smoking. Thus, it’s strength “creeps” onto you and before you know it, your body has a pleasurable tingling effect and your mind is at peace. In fact, duration is Bast’s forte, as once the effects finally come about, they linger for quite some time; much longer than some of the other CBD flower we carry at Dr.Ganja that hit hard and fast, but fade quickly.

Bast seems to be good for tension and overall pain, as not only was my pounding headache alleviated, but so was the tension that the headache manifested in my neck. These great body effects translate well into her being a superb night-time strain and if the customer reviews on Bast are to be heeded, that is exactly what she’s being used for, to great effect.

What makes Bast so great?

Overall, Bast shines because she is open-minded and persistent: while taking her at night seemed to suggest sleep, consuming her in the early morning gave me mellow energy. Despite the characteristics of the effects, they certainly last for a long time: my first foray with Bast lasted over 2 hours and this is coming from someone who “samples” hemp flower daily. If something like Sour Space Candy can be said to be our instant relief medicine at Dr.G, Bast would definitely be our all-day aid.

You can purchase Bast in 5 different size variants with free shipping on all domestic orders! Check her out here: The Bast Flower 

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