Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb Love Review

Kush Queen cbd bath bomb love

Who doesn’t love a nice hot bath to end a long day at work or a busy day spent with the kiddos? You deserve some much-needed relaxation and alone time, am I right? If you’re with me so far, then you’ll want to check out this review on the Kush Queen CBD “Love” Bath Bomb.

I’ll share my experience taking a bath with this lovely product. Specifically, the review will cover “need-to-know” topics like the bath bomb’s smell, the ingredient list, the type of effects I felt, and more. Before diving into those details, here’s a little bit of info on the company that makes this bath bomb.

Who is Kush Queen?

Founder and CEO, Olivia Alexander started Kush Queen in 2016. At the age of 18, she worked as a budtender at a local dispensary. So, she’s had a close connection with cannabis for a long time. You could say it’s her calling to be an integral part of the industry and the cannabis culture in general.

As someone who suffers from bipolar, she relied on cannabis to help her manage the symptoms. But, the problem was she didn’t see a ton of options that specifically catered to wellness. That led her to create Kush Queen, a line of CBD- and THC-infused topical and health products.

Besides bath bombs, her company also sells lotion, cream, face serum, body scrubs, tinctures, chews, CBD lube, and more.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb Love: product specifications

  • 100mg CBD Isolate — 0% THC
  • “Love” terpenes: organic lavender, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, bergamot, patchouli, and cedarwood essential oils
  • 3rd party lab-tested for cannabinoid potency
  • Vegan friendly and no animal testing
  • Made in the USA
  • No sulfates, phthalates, parabens, preservatives, or artificial fragrances 
  • Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salt, olive oil, hemp extract, essential oils, and FD&C color

Appearance, labeling & first impressions

The bath bomb came in a ziplock sealed bag that was see-through, so you could easily spot the large size and bright orange color of the product. It showed the CBD potency of 100mg, listed the essential oils used to create the “love” factor, and clarified that it contained zero THC.

Also, on the back of the package, there were specific instructions on how to use the bath bomb and the other ingredients (besides the essential oils already listed on the front).

Furthermore, the labeling let you know what was not inside the product such as harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. All in all, the package and presentation had me eager to try it out!

Smell & color

Wow! The smell was out of this world. Divine, heavenly, and pure bliss. No single essential oil dominated the smell, but the combination of them all worked like a beautiful symphony. I couldn’t get enough and after putting it in my bathwater, the smell became heightened in the most magical, enjoyable way. It didn’t overwhelm my nostrils, it was pleasant and inviting.

As for the color, that was also nice. The orange coloring changed the bathwater the same color, but the water itself was still clear. So, it didn’t feel like I was about to take a dip in a big orange pool. I appreciated that.

Testing process and experience

Since this is a single-use, one-time-only product, I’m sharing my experience after taking one bath with it.

After I started the bathwater, I waited until the tub was about 1/4 full before dropping the bath bomb inside. With the drought in California, it was hard to not feel guilty running a bath. But, I tried to put that guilt to the side, so I could enjoy the moment and fully embrace what was to come.

It took at least 10 minutes for the bomb to fully dissolve, if not longer, so something to think about. Maybe it helps to drop it into your tub sooner than I did. 

As mentioned earlier, the aroma that engulfed my entire bathroom was nothing short of amazing. Once I got into the tub, it felt nice and relaxing. I stayed in there for about 20 minutes as the instructions indicated. They specifically said to soak for at least 20 minutes, so staying in longer would have been fine.

I only take baths on rare occasions when I want to try out a new bath bomb or have an Epsom salt soak. Usually, I feel great benefits during and afterward, just like I did with the Kush Queen CBD Love Bath Bomb. My lower back actually hurt before getting in, and I did notice relief once I got out. Also, my sleep was great that night. 

Overall, I’d use this Love bath bomb again or try one of the other phenomenal scents

Final verdict: An all-natural (chemical-free) way to treat your body

If you love baths, then this product is for you! I can’t imagine a better, safer, cleaner, all-natural list of ingredients. This is the real deal. Especially if you care about what you put on or in your body. Toxins, chemicals, and all the artificial crap is terrible for you. It adds up. But, you don’t have to worry about that with this product.

In short, the Love Bath Bomb by Kush Queens smells fantastic, doesn’t stain your bathtub, won’t pollute the water with a bunch of harsh chemicals, and the 100mg of CBD is the icing on the cake.

If you’re ready to upgrade your bath time ritual, use coupon code YOGA to save 5% off your purchase. Hello, relaxation and peace!

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