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CBD Dosing Chart for Dogs & Cats

This is a CBD dosing chart that you can use to determine the right amount of CBD to give your pet. It’s important to understand there is no one size fits all approach. Certain factors that go in to determining how much CBD to give your pet include, the pets weight, age and state of health.

CBD Bath Bombs & Salts: 5 Reasons You Should Use Them

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with CBD bath bombs and bath salts? And questioned whether they actually work? If so, we have the information you’re looking for right here.

7 Amazing Benefits of CBD Lotion

Want to know a secret? CBD-infused lotions are taking the skincare industry by storm and there’s no slowing down. When CBD oil became all the craze a few years ago, many companies explored the advantages of adding CBD oil to a lotion to create CBD hemp lotion. Genius, right?

The Ultimate Guide for Buying CBD Vape Juice

Vaping is a popular means of dosing products like CBD. Convenience and ease of use are two big reasons that using a CBD vape pen is now trendy. Vaporizer pens are usable nearly anywhere and are ideal for discrete use. And CBD effects from vaping are often felt in mere minutes.

Can You Vape CBD Oil? Everything You Need to Know

CBD comes in many different forms. Those various forms are different for good reasons. Not all those reasons are interchangeable. Different kinds of CBD address different needs. Some CBD products are topical, some are edible, still others are smokable.

Best CBD E-Liquids for 2020

Just as a rose by any other name smells as sweet, so too are CBD e-liquid, e-juice, and CBD vape juice exactly the same thing. They are each a different way of referring to vaporizer juice containing CBD. CBD vape juice effects do not include getting high, because there’s no or very low THC. By law, CBD juices must meet the federal limit of 0.3% THC or less.

CBG Flower: The Most Enticing Hemp Bud of 2020 (An Overview)

Can I be totally honest with you? I love CBD flower as much as the next person. But, I’ve got to stay — CBG flower is pretty stellar too. They each have their set of strengths, which is why some people mix their favorite CBD and CBG strains together for a boost in therapeutic effects.

A Guide on CBG Oil: The Little-Known and Exotic Cannabinoid

By now, it’s likely that you’ve either heard from friends, read mind-blowing testimonials, or seen celebrities post about CBD oil. But, there’s a new product hitting the cannabis scene these days — CBG oil.

CBD Syrup Buying Guide: 7 Things You Need to Know

Cough syrup is something that most people are familiar with, but what is CBD syrup? CBD hemp syrup comes in a variety of flavors and users often mix it in food and drinks or take it straight. Like cough syrup, people take CBD syrup for health reasons.

CBG vs CBD: An In-Depth and Comprehensive Look at These Cannabinoids

I know what you’re thinking. You’re trying to figure out the difference between CBG vs CBD? But it’s hard to fully understand without an expertly written blog on the topic, am I right? Well, you’re in luck. This article goes above and beyond to provide the thorough explanation that you deserve.

Comparative Guide to CBD Flower Strains

There are so many people talking about CBD lately. It’s hard not to take notice. CBD can be found in everything from gummies, tea, and vape pens, to infused lotions. It’s very versatile in its usage, which is one of the reasons it appeals to so many people.

6 CBD Products You Can Use on a Daily Basis

Cannabidiol, familiar to many as CBD, has become very popular in recent years. There are hemp and CBD oils advertised and sold seemingly everywhere. Consumers now find CBD sold in health food stores, pharmacies and, of course, online. So, why has CBD become so sought after?

CBD Oil For Cancer: Can It Work To Kill The Elusive Disease?

Unless a CBD product is approved by the FDA as a drug, no one can claim that CBD cures, treats, or prevents any kind of disease. Yet, that doesn’t mean this special cannabinoid doesn’t have therapeutic value. Based on current data and research, CBD exhibits many kinds of beneficial properties.
How to Extract CBD

​How CBD Oil Is Made – How To Extract CBD

If you’ve bought a few different brands of CBD oil you may have noticed that there's some variations between them: a different smell or perhaps even a different taste. This is no mistake, as the oils likely were extracted using different methods. There are many ways to extract CBD oil from the plant...

BeTru Organics all natural CBD pain relief

Three people each suffering from different types of long-term pain came together to form the brand, seeking to educate others about the healing benefits of CBD oil. Now, through CBD spray and CBD pain relief cream, they’re changing the lives of those with chronic pain.

CBD Vs. THC: A Comparison

CBD versus THC. Cannabidiol versus tetrahydrocannabinol. What's the real difference? Turns out, quite a lot, and in fact the two compounds both complement and differ from each other in effect.

​What is CBD and How can it help you?

What is CBD, and how can it help? Maybe you’ve heard a little something about the many, many benefits of CBD. After all, it’s 2017. The world is finally realizing how awesome CBD is! We’re finally talking about hemp, and its close relative cannabis, and the ways that its extracts can give us a boost in day-to-day life.

How To Spot Fake CBD – Not All CBD Is Created Equal

With the myriad of health problems that CBD hemp products have been said to assist with (and rightfully so), CBD has been one of the hottest new products on the market. And as one might expect, to capitalize on this sudden surge of popularity, there are tons of companies that sell the products, with more being created every month.